The fourth trimester and beyond... Motherhood transforms us in every possible way

Here is your village

Birth is not only the birth of a baby, but the birth of a mother. Birth transforms you, motherhood changes you at a hormonal, biological and spiritual level. During this period you might feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, nervous, exhausted or just needing a little clarity. 

Are you ready to embrace motherhood

with confidence and laughter?

I believe a mother is the heart of a home. A mother's wellbeing can impact future generations. 

There is a period of change with the transition from woman to mother, on top this, many women experience lack of support in the first weeks and years of parenting, many experience some trauma from birth along with other stressors such as being away from family or having a baby during the pandemic. 

In ancient cultures there is a sacred window after birth, the Golden month, the first 42 days. A belief that how a mother is held, nourished and nurtured during this window can impact her well-being for the next 42 years.  In today's society we rarely honour this sacred time. 

As beautiful as it is, the period after birth can leave us feeling isolated, confused, confronting or more subtly, a deep knowing we have more to give the world and our family, but not sure how to unlock it. 

I can help you at all levels from practical support to soul alignment - finding your inner compass during this time of self-discovery.

Over the past 15 years, I have work in the fields of Maternal & Child Health, Newborn care, lactation support, Mental Health, preventative health and wellness industries, NLP therapies and hypnotherapy to master a unique holistic approach to embracing the postpartum period and beyond!

Postpartum Coaching Packages

Find confidence, calmness and connection

You are UNIQUE and so is your motherhood journey, so no two packages are the same. Using a unique combination of coaching, therapy, wellness and energetic healing to embody your dream life while embracing the highs and lows of motherhood.

These packages are intimate and really support you each step of the journey, a combination of Midwife, Health coach, Life Coach, Therapist and dash of spirituality all in one.

Guiding you to mentally, physically and spiritually embrace and SHINE in this stage of life.

our packages are personalised to your stage:

Nourishing Mama and bub

in the first 6 months


Practical and emotional support for the fourth trimester, gently supporting you on the transition from woman to mother, along with practical support on:

  • The first 6 weeks
  • Feeding support
  • Infant sleep 
  • Developmental milestones
  • Maternal health
  • Mental health support
  • Building confidence and self trust
  • Helping you keep your spark!

rediscover yourself

while juggling motherhood

This is about YOU, reconnecting with the woman you are outside of being a Mama.

Using a unique combination of coaching, therapy, wellness and energetic healing to embody your dream life while embracing the highs and lows of motherhood: 

  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Rediscover your strengths
  • Love & trust yourself 
  • Heal limiting beliefs
  • Improve relationships
  • Find your inner compass
  • Find your FUN again
simply choose your coaching package:
 1:1 coaching includes:
  • 1hr fortnightly private support and coaching via zoom
  • Unlimited voxer support/ text daily (9am-4pm Mon-Fri)
  • Individual Women's health consult
  • Exercise and Nutrition advice
  • Birth debrief session
  • Guided relaxation meditation MP3 to build confidence and self trust
  • Access to join any live calls/ masterclasses held for any of my programs throughout the time of your package eg. lactation support, matrescence
  • Postpartum Recipe Ebook with 5 Recipes
  • 1 x postnatal consult with a Nutritionist or Naturopath (6mth & 12mth packages)
  • Access to supportive facebook group

Feel prepared with these added bonuses

for the 6 and 12 month options
1 x 30min call anytime of day or night

If you feel you are having a moment of self doubt, unsure how to calm your baby or yourself I can be with you guiding you to find your answers.

3 x therapy sessions

We all have hidden fears, beliefs or underlying experiences that are holding us back, we use NLP therapy to remove these beliefs and discover your potential.

Postpartum Wellness Box Delivered to you
Option to add on Fitness Mama Postpartum Pilates & Exercise program

Our coaching packages be tailored to your individual requirements. 3, 6 and 12 month packages available. Monthly Payment plans available

Picture yourself going from...

  • Exhausted to EXCITED
  • Lost to a SENSE OF PURPOSE
  • Confused to CLARITY
  • Unsure to CONFIDENT
  • Weary to RESTED
  • Overwhelmed to STRUCTURED 
  • Holding your baby to EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD
  • Dreams to REALITY
You’re ready, mama – Let's do this together!
what it's like
to work

with Kate:

“I was able to advocate for myself during pregnancy because I had unlocked an inner confidence within me, to keep my baby and myself safe when things weren’t quite going to plan.”

“A much easier leap to motherhood than I had anticipated, by being fully informed and by the practical tips Kate gave me to help with a quicker birth.”

“Kate creates a welcoming space that allows you to feel comfortable to ask any question and know that you are getting an evidenced-based, no-BS answer.”

“I felt calm about my baby being admitted to NICU as I understood this was the best place for her in my unique situation.”

“I felt able to accept my pregnancy journey as it eventuated and in control of my body even though my pregnancy was not how I had originally planned.”

“Living rurally, I was not able to access a face-to-face antenatal program. This program helped me feel prepared for birth and really supported me on my pregnancy and motherhood journey.”

“I truly believe I was able to enjoy being a new mother and soak up the newborn bubble as I felt calm and confident with my mothering, knowing that I was enough.”