Congrats on your pregnancy!

Amazing! But what happens now?!


The news that you're going to be a mother comes with so many emotions

It can be hard to think straight! Joy, excitement, shock, fear, and maybe even a little overwhelmed - they’re all valid feelings no matter how long or little you had hoped for a baby. Here is a little new guide on my top tips on navigating each trimester before you welcome your new baby into the world. You've got this Mama!

Meet Kate

I'm a Women’s Health Practitioner, Success Coach, advocate for perinatal mental health & founder of Birth Beliefs™ an online Hypnobirthing course.

I believe in a holistic model of health that combines conventional & functional medicine. I have BHSc in Nursing & Midwifery and 15years clinical experience. I am certified in Birth Trauma Support, clinical  Hypnotherapy, NLP and currently completing a paper in functional medicine in Women's health. I believe in a mind, body, heart approach to helping women thrive no matter whatever stage of life you are in. I help you master your health, your energy & mindset so anything is possible!

Being a Mother to my two beautiful children has been my greatest accomplishment.