Kate Sedon

So you’re actually pregnant?

Amazing! But what happens now?!

the news that you're going to be a mother comes with so many emotions

It can be hard to think straight! Joy, excitement, shock, fear, and just a touch of WTF - they’re all valid feelings, and every woman handles them in her own way. Watch my video for new mums-to-be and get my top tips on navigating each trimester before you welcome your new baby into the world.

Meet Kate

About Kate Sedon

Kate Sedon is a Registered Nurse & Midwife who trained in Australia in 2007. She has settled down in The Coromandel, New Zealand, with her soulmate fisherman, two gorgeous sons, and their black lab. She has worked in all areas of Women’s Health, from Fertility & Neonatal Intensive Care Units in London to Nursing in the middle of Outback Australia, and all kinds of Birthing & Maternity Units in between. Since having her own children, she has been working on bringing this baby to life.

She is passionate about all women thriving in motherhood and not being held back by their pregnancy and birth stories. She believes all mothers are born with an intuition that needs unlocking in pregnancy, so they can thrive in birth and motherhood.

She does this through her one-of-a-kind Made for Motherhood Academy & 1:1 Healing the Womb Wounds therapy.

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