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Embrace pregnancy & motherhood with

less stress, less scrolling & more joy

Growing a human,

whether it’s for the first time or the fifth,

Is an amazing, exciting experience, but without the right support and education, it can be difficult to prepare for life after birth.  

For many women being added the label “high-risk pregnancy” doesn’t make things any easier. It shouldn’t keep you from having a positive experience of birth and motherhood.

Whether you have had a long road to conceiving, are just pregnant or just about to pop, you should know that it is truly possible to have a positive pregnancy, empowered birth (in whichever way you or baby choose) and feel confident with the decisions you make in those early days of motherhood.

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I am Committed to empowering

all pregnant women & mamas around the world

to create a positive mindset, make informed decisions, and know that they can handle whatever comes up on the journey. While my approach is not intended to replace care from a professional midwife or obstetrician, my combination of inner healing, mindset work, education, and physical preparation perfectly compliments this essential work.

My experience of pregnancy

was nothing like the movies.

No glam - just vomiting every single day, unable to keep anything down, in and out of hospital, high blood pressure, bed rest, a premature baby, a baby in NICU… the list goes on.

Still, my pregnancy and transition to motherhood was the most magical and empowering transformation I have ever been through, and I want this for YOU too.

My fancy-shmancy

third-person bio:

Kate Sedon is an expert in Women's Health specifically in the area of perinatal and postpartum. Kate trained as a Registered Nurse & Midwife in Australia in 2007. More recently added Hypnotherapy to toolkit.

She has settled down in The Coromandel, New Zealand, with her soulmate fisherman, two gorgeous sons, and their black lab. She has worked in all areas of Women’s Health, from Fertility & Neonatal Intensive Care Units in London to Nursing in the middle of Outback Australia, and all kinds of Birthing & Maternity Units in between. Since having her own children, she has been working on bringing this baby to life.

She is passionate about all women thriving in motherhood and not being held back by their pregnancy and birth stories. She believes all mothers can benefit from reactivating their self- trust and intuition in pregnancy, so they can use this to guide them in birth and motherhood.

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