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No baby brain here.

Let me introduce you...

...to a trustworthy, easy-to-follow pregnancy programme that allows you to make informed, confident decisions about birthing and motherhood.

I educate and support pregnant women so they can have the birth experience they desire, unlock their maternal intuition, and go into motherhood confident that they have all the answers within them.

Are you ready to face birth and motherhood

with confidence and excitement?

I believe that preparing for the birth of a mother is the missing link in all antenatal programs. A positive birth experience is not defined by how you give birth, but by what you know, and your ability to voice your wishes at every step of your pregnancy & motherhood journey. 

The magic ingredient to a positive birth and transition to motherhood - inner transformation and education, and I can help you unlock this magic.

There is no other antenatal program out there that looks deep within you as an individual woman to help you become the mother you want to be. 

How am I so sure of this? 

Because over the past 14 years, working in the fields of Maternal Health, Mental Health and in preventative health and wellness industries, I have mastered a unique holistic approach to birth and becoming a mother.

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Picture yourself feeling...

  • Calm and comfortable, holding your new baby for the very first time
  • Ready to transition from the world of careers to having a child 
  • A deep sense of trust in the answers within you, showing you how to birth and care for your baby
  • Truly prepared for birth and motherhood
  • Confident in your ability to make informed decisions and voice your opinion during your pregnancy
  • Reassured in your pregnancy journey
  • Brave and fearless thinking about birth
  • Supported by your tribe as you transition into motherhood
You’re ready, mama - let me
show you the way forward.
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Here's How we can Work Together...

Here's How we can work together...

Work with me to get prepared, informed, and excited for birth and motherhood so you can enjoy every step of the journey. 

Using my revolutionary healing and pregnancy program, I will take you through three levels of healing and education to unlock your Made for Motherhood mindset:

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Level 1: Mindset for Motherhood

Unlock and transform your inner beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level so that you can truly believe in yourself, discover your capabilities, and become the intuitive mother you are made to be.

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Level 2: Wonder Womb

Release any buried emotions related to your womb and your heart, that might hold you back from trusting your body and your ability to give birth and be a good mother.

Begin practicing hypnobirthing techniques that will help with a smoother birth and transition to parenthood.

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Level 3: Practical Preparation & Action

Get practical and evidenced based education, nutritional tips, and exercises to prepare you for birth and the transition to motherhood. Learn about newborns and the fourth trimester. Be held in a group experience by a tribe and lead by a Nurse/Midwife until your baby is 3 months old. Take fearless aligned action so you can make your version of a positive birth experience.  

My Made for Motherhood™ Academy is unlike any other antenatal or pregnancy program out there. The program is in no way designed to replace a Midwife or Obstetrician and should be used in conjunction with them as there is no replacement for hands-on, face-to-face check-ups of you and your growing baby.

This is a 6 week, self-paced online pregnancy program with live weekly Q & A support to discuss the weeks content. These calls will be recorded and replays will be available. This program is designed for mothers who are 16 weeks gestation or further along in their pregnancy. After having your baby you will gain a further 3 months access to the Private Mama’s Group for postnatal education, support, inspiration and opportunities to connect with a tribe of like-minded pregnant women. 

The Made for Motherhood™  will be opening very soon, with weekly modules dropping for 6 weeks and access to the academy for 12 months after joining. Join the mailing list to stay in the loop until the program launches!

what it's like
to work

with Kate:

“I was able to advocate for myself during pregnancy because I had unlocked an inner confidence within me, to keep my baby and myself safe when things weren’t quite going to plan.”

“A much easier leap to motherhood than I had anticipated, by being fully informed and by the practical tips Kate gave me to help with a quicker birth.”

“Kate creates a welcoming space that allows you to feel comfortable to ask any question and know that you are getting an evidenced-based, no-BS answer.”

“I felt calm about my baby being admitted to NICU as I understood this was the best place for her in my unique situation.”

“I felt able to accept my pregnancy journey as it eventuated and in control of my body even though my pregnancy was not how I had originally planned.”

“Living rurally, I was not able to access a face-to-face antenatal program. This program helped me feel prepared for birth and really supported me on my pregnancy and motherhood journey.”

“I truly believe I was able to enjoy being a new mother and soak up the newborn bubble as I felt calm and confident with my mothering, knowing that I was enough.”

Here’s everything you’ll
get when you join the

Made for Motherhood™ Academy:

  • Full access to my 6 week self-paced online pregnancy program with modules released weekly 
  • Live weekly Q & A support + call replays 
  • Access to the course content for 12months
  • Access to our dedicated private Facebook group filled with a tribe of mamas-to-be that are feeling your vibe
  • Plus after giving birth, be fully supported for another 3 months by our tribe. Gain access to our dedicated Made for Motherhood Mama’s group which will have regular education and inspiration and light-hearted fun making your transition to motherhood more enjoyable.
  • 1 x one hour masterclasses with an expert in the field of pregnancy, birth and motherhood – one class during pregnancy and afterbirth. 
  • 1 x Made for Motherhood Mama Circles – One in pregnancy, one afterbirth. 
  • Bonus live group Q&A webinar with me afterbirth to answer any questions you may have about birth, baby or motherhood.
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The enrolments for this round are now closed. 

Healing the Womb Wounds™ Package

Need 1:1 online support to process and overcome a not-so-positive pregnancy, birth, or postnatal period? This is the program for you. Using a combination of the TBR 3 step rewind technique (NLP therapy) and my own therapeutic techniques, you’ll learn to lift painful emotions and create space for more joy, laughter, and peace, in motherhood and in life!

The Healing the Womb Wounds™ Package involves 3 x 1:1 sessions where we will unlock what is holding you back as a mother or leaving you feeling heavy in your heart. We will use a combination of therapies including NLP therapy to re-process your unique pregnancy, birth or postnatal experience so can look back on it and not feel emotionally charged or anxious.