Helping professional women and busy mums elevate their energy, mental clarity & physical wellness.

To unlock potential and be the happiest, healthiest most connected version of you.

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Individualised support for pregnancy & postpartum - helping mothers thrive.


Burnout Recovery

Reset & Realign with a 6-week course for busy professional women ready to recover from stress, burnout and exhaustion so they can reclaim their lives and finally feel like themselves again. In 6 weeks you can feel like a different person!

We have created a 5 pillar approach to Women's Wellness and stress recovery; Biochemistry, Nutrients, Inner Healing, The Subconscious mind and Personal Development.


Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Packages from one off presentations, 3 part series or bespoke workplace health consulting.

These packages have a focus on improving general health & wellbeing, mental health, stress reduction, productivity, resilience and supporting maternal mental health within the workplace.

Our wellness packages have been known to bring an uplifting & positive approach by an experienced Health Practitioner and Specialist in Mind-Body medicine.

Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a Women’s Health Practitioner, Registered Nurse & Midwife, Mind-Body Specialist & Wellness Speaker. I'm passionate about making it easy for women in business & mothers to have energy, inner peace & to thrive in this modern world.

For over 15 years, I have been supporting women back to health & wellbeing along with being by their side through major life changes.

Two years ago, when my two young children were under 3 and I was in the start up phase of business, I hit burnout and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It meant I missed out on precious moments with my children and time I could never get back.

I lost passion and my healthy body disappeared. I was waking up exhausted, overwhelmed and low in mood for the first time in my life.

I understand the pressure and demands of ambitious busy women. Through my personal experience and helping over 100 women, I know the mind-body recovery plan to regain your energy & mental clarity so you can be your best in all areas of your life.


I believe in the ripple effect of women empowering women to change the world




“Thank you Kate. You have been such a big catalyst to change in my world and my business since I did HeartHealing with you xxx“


Testi - Jess 2

Having just moved to Outback Australia when I was pregnant with baby #1, Kate was a trusted source of pregnancy & midwifery support every step of my journey from conception to motherhood giving me reassurance and with her down-to-earth approach. This helped me to make informed and educated decisions along the way."


Testi - Ange 2

“I was an ‘older’ first-time mum, who was highly anxious from months of trying to conceive. Kate was able to create a positive and practical pregnancy space for me to really feel comfortable and excited about the transition to motherhood”


Career-Woman turned Mother

For every new member in Birth Beliefs™ we make a donation towards education for birth workers in developing countries

To help reduce the amount of mothers and babies dying from events during birth that could be prevented with access to education.

Are you ready to unlock the most empowered and unstoppable version of you?