Tired of feeling tired?

Let's dig a little deeper and bring some unconscious patterns into your awareness so you can go from feeling meh to motivated.


Life is busy & we often function on autopilot without realising

Let's take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling (honestly) and to identify any automatic behaviours/patterns that could be sabotaging your health, wellness & happiness.

Grab my less self-sabotage and more self-care guide for tips on looking after yourself beautiful lady!

Meet Kate

Kate Sedon is a passionate Midwife & expert in Women's health & the subconscious mind. Kate originally trained as a Registered Nurse & Midwife in Australia in 2007, but has found life changing results for clients through combining subconscious modalities such as Hypnotherapy, NLP & HeartHealing™️ and  functional medicine.

Kate is super passionate about guiding women wherever they are in their journey to reset, heal, thrive so they can create their dream life.