One Last Party

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I said to my partner that’s it, my 30th is going to be my last big party before we start trying for a baby. And big party it was… an OC style affair, overflowing cocktails, champagne and spa pools.  A hangover for days. From then I booked in for my Jadelle to be removed,  health, fitness and general cycle tracking started. It is such a strange feeling to go from years of trying NOT to get pregnant to TRYING to be pregnant. A new nervous fun energy in the bedroom.  

Ironically 2 months later, I was on my way to a refresher course on pregnancy & sexual health. As I drove around the windy NZ roads, I had to quickly pull over numerous times to let a vomit out. It was then at that very moment, I knew well before any pregnancy test, I had a miracle growing inside of me and life was going to look very different. (I’ll share how the news was received from my partner another day) 

I was super blessed to have this happen so quickly and that is not the case for everyone- on average it generally takes 6-18months to conceive. For the ladies out there, that are thinking 2021 might be the year for you to start trying for a baby. I strongly recommend drawing a line in the sand, after that one last event you really want to let your hair down at:  wedding, holiday, girls’ weekend etc to mentally prepare yourself and your partner for the future. From then on making the commitment to yourself and your unborn baby to nourish your body from inside out with all the right supplements, nutrition and general wellbeing for an optimal start to your pregnancy journey for you and your unborn baby. 

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