Our body is so powerful….


We try to be clever, we tell ourselves and everyone around us we are fine. We can push on for a bit longer.

“It’s not that bad”
“I’m ok”
“Everyone is busy”
“It’s just part of having kids” 

Our nervous system knows us better and functions in a very primitive manner. When it identifies threat it protects up, historically to keep us ALIVE 🍗 🦍

If you have dysfunction inside your body – such as inflammation, nutrient deficiency, immune issues, hormone imbalances, gut imbalances, continual sleep deprivation – your nervous system takes this as a threat. 

Just like a car splatters or STOPS when the incorrect gas is put in. Our nervous system recognises this dysfunction in our inner body as a threat and symptoms might start to show.

If you have dysfunction outside your body – overwhelm the minute your eyes open, household/work exposures, lifestyle stress, toxicity, constant pressure, sensory overload – this is a perceived threat to your nervous system too.

Your vagus nerve is like a thermostat that regulates your stress response after an identified threat. 

The problem is when we have dysfunction occurring inside our body as well as externally, the nervous system can not tell the difference between the two threats and has trouble regulating our stress response. This can leave us is a constant state of flight or fright. Unable to relax, we might gain weight, notice mood changes such as short tempered or flat, disconnected, overwhelmed, loss of motivation, loss of libido and it can lead to more serious diseases such as autoimmune conditions, hormone issues, hypertension, thyroid issues and lots more. 

The more you feel the same negative response, the more you wire the amygdala (in your brain) to remember the emotional response to the threat, and increase the stress response – faster and more intense. It’s a vicious and dangerous cycle and it completely disrupts every part of your life and your BEING. It’s not living, it’s surviving.

And this why inner healing has the power to help you improve every area of your life from physical, emotional, mental  & spiritual wellbeing. It is all connected and it’s time modern medicine includes the whole woman for true healing and transformation.

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Kate Sedon is a Registered Nurse & Midwife who trained in Australia in 2007. She has settled down in The Coromandel, New Zealand, with her soulmate fisherman, two gorgeous sons, and their black lab.


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