1 in 3 women describe their birth, pregnancy or postpartum experience as traumatic

Yet we often don't talk about it or once we say goodbye to that particular health team involved, we don't have a space to process it.

Is healing the womb wounds package for you?

Do you feel flat, unmotivated or tired but can't pinpoint what the cause is? You may also be experiencing flashbacks from your birth, anger, avoidance, hypervigilant, recurrent thoughts, anxiety, disappointment from your feeding journey, detached from your own body these are just to name a few symptoms.

Or you simply just feel like you have lost your spark or who you are. I can help you rediscover your inner strength and self-confidence so ultimately you can be the Mama you want to be. 

I am really sorry if you are feeling this way and I would love to help you heal.

This is what you can expect

We work together to lift those symptoms (ways of thinking, feeling and responding to your pregnancy, birth or newborn stage). I use a safe, gentle and effective NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) exercise called Rewind to re-process the memory of what happened.

This clears the trauma and creates the space to begin experiencing peace, hope and more positive feelings.

Step one

usually 90mins

To hear your story (if you would like to share it, you don't have to if you don't want to), to understand how it is still impacting on your day to day life now and how you would like to feel if these feelings/ways of responding were lifted. Practice relaxation and imagine your future free of those feelings whilst deeply relaxed.

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Step 2 Image

Step two

usually 60mins

To use Rewind or whatever therapy is most suitable for you to re-process the memory of your birth so it no longer holds any emotional charge or anxiety. To experience your future solution state whilst deeply relaxed.


Step three

usually 60mins

To check back in that those changes have taken place. To focus on building confidence and resilience so that you no longer feel like you are owned by what happened and are able to begin enjoying your life as a new mother.

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My Healing the Womb Wounds Package is currently

fully booked

The package includes:

— three Zoom one on one calls
— a recorded exercise
— further information to read and practice in between sessions

Let's start your journey towards being and feeling like the happy mother you are made to be!