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I support and empower you with an easy-to-follow online programme

feel informed and confident

You can not always control what happens during your pregnancy journey, but you can go into birth informed and confident by unlocking your maternal intuition and letting it guide the way. 

Are you ready to face birth and motherhood

with confidence and excitement?

I believe that preparing for the birth of a mother is the missing link in all antenatal programs. A positive birth experience is not defined by how you give birth, but by what you know, and your ability to voice your wishes at every step of your pregnancy & motherhood journey. 

The magic ingredient to a positive birth and transition to motherhood - inner transformation and education, and I can help you unlock this magic.

There is no other antenatal program out there that looks deep within you as an individual woman to help you become the mother you want to be. 

How am I so sure of this? 

Because over the past 15 years, working in the fields of Midwifery, Women's & Maternal Health, Mental Health and preventative health and wellness industries, I have mastered a unique holistic approach to birth and becoming a mother.

Choose an option that suits you

Forget the outdated and BORING hospital class. Our modern antenatal course is a combination of evidenced based information, the perfect mix of science and soul. To prepare you for birth and motherhood educated, empowered and ready for whatever happens on your journey. 

Join via live Zoom sessions or in our Made for Motherhood™ group coaching experience.

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Option 1: Made for Motherhood™ group experience

Our exclusive online group coaching experience. Join our tribe of Mama's who are ready to go into birth feeling confident.  

Held over zoom, includes 4 x 1-1.5hr weekly sessions (evenings).

We cover everything you need to know, from later stages of pregnancy to the fourth trimester. A big focus on labour & birthing options, hypnobirthing techniques, caring for your baby and mindset going into motherhood. 

Weekly group sessions followed by Q&A with a Midwife, a bonus masterclass, Access to course videos, handouts and additional resources.

Next round starts 5th April- FULLY BOOKED 

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Option 2: One on One education

"EEEEEK I'm about to have a baby and I wish I had more time with my Midwife!"

Are you about to have a baby and starting to feel like you should have prepped a little more, or are you starting to feel overwhelmed or confused as your original birth plans have changed by things outside of your control?

Give me a call, and we can face your fears together, create a plan and have you going into birth and motherhood full of confidence and self trust!  

My Made for Motherhood™ Academy is unlike any other antenatal or pregnancy program out there. The program is in no way designed to replace a Midwife or Obstetrician and should be used in conjunction with them as there is no replacement for hands-on, face-to-face check-ups of you and your growing baby.

Learn about Bump, Birth & Baby

  • Mindset and Maternal Intuition

  • Late stages of pregnancy

  • Exercise and Nutrition for birth preparation

  • Pain relief options including hypnobirthing techniques

  • Stages of Labour

  • Caesarean Section

  • Unexpected outcomes

  • The Golden Hour

  • Practical tips on caring for baby

  • Mental Health & Support Roles

  • And lots more 

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5th April 2022 - FULLY      BOOKED

Pregnancy Wellness Coaching

Do you wish you had more time to talk to your Midwife or Obstetrician?

We spend months preparing for most life events however pregnancy and having a baby, generally involves a one day course and a few appointments with your health team. 

Our Pregnancy Wellness Coaching is for  Mama's (and families) who want to embrace pregnancy and be gently supported the entire journey.

It is for Mama's wanting to nourish themselves mentally, physically and spiritually while growing a baby and transforming into a mother. 

Our coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs. We use a combination of my experience as a Midwife, along with various roles in Women's Health, Fertility & Child Health. Along with Nutrition, exercise, natural medicine, hypnotherapy and intuition. 

1:1 coaching includes:
  • 1hr fortnightly private support and coaching via zoom
  • Unlimited voxer support/ text daily (9am-4pm Mon-Fri)
  • Access to our antenatal programme Made for Motherhood™
  • 2hr private birth class - 1 : 1 education with you and partner to get you ready for birth and answer any questions
  • Access to join any live calls and masterclasses that are held for any of my programs throughout the time of your package
  • Pregnancy Relaxation MP3 recording
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Ebook with 5 Recipes
  • 1 x 30min mini pregnancy mini consult with nutritionist or naturopath (pregnancy or postnatal)
  • Access to supportive facebook group

Feel prepared with these added bonuses

for the 6 and 12 month options
1 x 30min call anytime of day or night when in labour

If you feel you need second option or help with advocating for yourself I can be with you and talk to medical staff if required.

2 x 30 min calls when baby arrives

Talk about feeding, sleeping, your health or anything you want to know about.

Pregnancy Wellness Box Delivered to you
Option to add on Fitness Mama Pregnancy Exercise program
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Picture yourself feeling...

  • Calm and comfortable, holding your new baby for the very first time
  • Ready to transition from the world of careers to having a child 
  • A deep sense of trust in the answers within you, showing you how to birth and care for your baby
  • Truly prepared for birth and motherhood
  • Confident in your ability to make informed decisions and voice your opinion during your pregnancy
  • Reassured in your pregnancy journey
  • Brave and fearless thinking about birth
  • Supported by your tribe as you transition into motherhood
You’re ready, mama – let me show you the way forward.
what it's like
to work

with Kate:

“I was able to advocate for myself during pregnancy because I had unlocked an inner confidence within me, to keep my baby and myself safe when things weren’t quite going to plan.”

“A much easier leap to motherhood than I had anticipated, by being fully informed and by the practical tips Kate gave me to help with a quicker birth.”

“Kate creates a welcoming space that allows you to feel comfortable to ask any question and know that you are getting an evidenced-based, no-BS answer.”

“I felt calm about my baby being admitted to NICU as I understood this was the best place for her in my unique situation.”

“I felt able to accept my pregnancy journey as it eventuated and in control of my body even though my pregnancy was not how I had originally planned.”

“Living rurally, I was not able to access a face-to-face antenatal program. This program helped me feel prepared for birth and really supported me on my pregnancy and motherhood journey.”

“I truly believe I was able to enjoy being a new mother and soak up the newborn bubble as I felt calm and confident with my mothering, knowing that I was enough.”